What does it mean to leave your house in broom clean condition?

When you move from a rental house, you will need to leave the house in broom clean condition when handing over the keys. With the sale of a house, it not legally required, but it is expected. While the terminology might give you the idea that sweeping a broom through the house is enough, this does not suffice. What does it mean to leave your house in broom clean condition?

Leaving your old house broom clean

When you leave a house, it makes sense to take all your belongings with you. The empty house is then left clean and tidy to the new owners. For a rental house this is a clear case. The landlord can refuse a house if it is not left in its original state. Therefore, it is important to plan the final cleaning of the house in time, so you will not end up with unforeseen surprises!


What is broom clean?

For a broom clean condition, you need to clear all rooms in the house of loose materials and articles. In reality, more is needed. In the rental agreement the following terms for delivering your house are explicitly listed, such as:


  • Removing screws, plugs, nails, etc. and filling holes in the walls;
  • Cleaning the property in such a way that there are no noticeable quantities of dust or other debris.
  • Removing all flooring (including laminate) and lighting.


Sometimes it is possible to have the new tenants buy the laminate, upholstery, or curtains. You can often reach an agreement for that through your landlord.


The final cleaning of your old house

While you probably would like to get to work in your new house, you will still need to get to work in your old house before handing over your keys. Make sure you take enough time and get the appropriate cleaning materials. At the very least, take a hoover, a hard broom, a mop, a feather-duster, dust rags, cleaning rags, multi-purpose cleaner, toilet-cleaner, and something to decalcify, and get to work as systematically as possible:


  • Dust all the walls, ceilings, shelves, and doors, and remove any possible stain. Do not forget the power outlets and the insides of the built-in closets.
  • Remove all stickers, posters, and glue.
  • Bathroom and toilet need a complete cleaning and decalcifying where needed. The sinks need to be emptied and cleaned as well.
  • The kitchen needs to be freed of fat and cleaned. Clean all appliances, the stove, and the inside and top of the cabinets. Turn off the fridge, leaving the door ajar.
  • The outside spaces such as the balcony and the garage also need cleaning. Sweep the floors with a hard broom and remove all trash.
  • Finally, go through the whole house with a hoover.


All in all, this is an extensive job. Luckily, you can safely leave the final cleaning to us. While we work to leave your old house in broom clean condition, you can enjoy your new house!

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