When do I need to register with the local authority?

Whether you are moving house within your municipality or you are moving to a different region, you always need to inform your local authority. They will change your address in the ‘Basisregistratie Personen (BRP)’. Are you late with your notification? This can have consequences for your student scholarship / loan, your benefits, and your council taxes. You also run the risk of a hefty fine!

Registering a removal

Sometimes you can notify your local government digitally using ‘DigiD’. Other city councils may ask you to do this by mail or to go and see them in person. When you move out of a municipality, you need to register with your new city council. Then you will be taken out of the register of your old city council. You will need a valid ID for the notification of your removal, and, sometimes proof of occupation as well. You can check this on the website of your city council. You can notify them of the removal of your spouse, registered partner, and children who still live with you at the same time.


Notifying your city council of your removal on time

You do not have to wait with notifying your city council of your removal until after the removal. You can notify them of your new address as soon as four weeks in advance. After the moving day you will have five days left to do so. When you wait more than five days, the day of registry will count as your moving date. This can lead to uncomfortable situations. You also risk a fine of a maximum of € 325,-…!


Notifying organisations

Due to the fact that your local council changes your address in the ‘BPR’, you will not have to inform most organisations. The ‘Belastingdienst’, the ‘RDW’, your health insurance company, and ‘DUO’ will be notified automatically. Only when your situation changes, such as moving in together, leaving your partner, or receiving rent allowance (‘huurtoeslag’), you will need to notify the ‘Belastingdienst’ digitally. When you move to a different region and use resources such as benefits, the ‘BPR’ registration is not sufficient. You will need to reregister for these resources with your new city council. Your new living arrangements can also influence your benefits. For specific information, have a look at the website of your city council.


Are you moving to a different region? You will need to arrange a lot of additional matters. It will take away a lot of stress to not have to arrange your own removal. We would like to help you! Please ask us for our services and prices.

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