Overview of moving tips

A removal asks for a thorough preparation and organisation! We would like to help you with our guide with an overview of moving tips.

I am moving house

  • Plan a meeting with Jan de Jong Movers to get a quote
  • Ask your employer about a removal compensation
  • Terminate your lease for your old rental place
  • Removal of your phone/internet and TV
  • Inform the school of your children
  • Make arrangements with the new owners of your old house
  • Make arrangements with the old owners of your new house
  • Ask for information about rental support (‘huursubsidie’)


  • Request for removal leave with your employer or human resources
  • Take measurements of the new house
  • Terminate the contract of your help
  • Arrange for the PostNL removal services
  • Start cleaning and ordering your house
  • Ask for information of schools, public transport, city council ordinances
  • Register your children at their new school
  • Download the extensive removal guide as a PDF here. 

4-2 week prior to moving

  • Inform the insurance of your planned removal
  • Terminate your electricity/gas/water contracts of your old house
  • Arrange for new contracts for electricity/gas/water for your new house
  • Clear out the goods that are not going to move to the new house
  • Arrange temporary storage with Jan de Jong Movers




2 weeks prior to moving

  • Sending a change of address
  • Arrange for care for your children and pets during your removal
  • Informing your landlord
  • Return library books
  • Put your important documents / goods in a bank vault




1 week prior to moving

  • Clean your new house
  • Clean all fixed lights
  • Take down the curtains (except in the bedrooms)
  • Inform the suppliers
  • Pack the goods I do not need anymore
  • Get meals for the packing day and removal day
  • Make sure you have enough coffee etc , for in your new house
  • Arrange for the municipal cleansing department to collect household refuse
  • Empty and clean the garbage bins of your old house
  • Take the contents of the toxic waste bin to the municipal cleansing department

1 day prior to moving

  • Defrost and clean the fridge
  • Defrost and clean the freezer
  • Secure the drum of your washing machine
  • Disassemble your furniture
  • Take the pendulum out of your clock
  • Reserve a parking space for the moving van
  • Pack the last few things


Removal Day

  • Remove the curtains of the bedrooms
  • Put away the keys in a key bag
  • Put your money and pay cards in separate places in your hand luggage
  • Check the house for any remaining goods
  • Write down the final numbers for your gas etc.
  • Close down the gas and electricity when needed
  • Close the water pipes
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Hand over the keys of your old house
  • Say goodbye to your neighbours


After arriving in your new house

  • Put everything / have everything put in the correct place as much as possible
  • Check all unpacked goods for damage
  • Make a room inhabitable as soon as possible
  • Hang the curtains of the bedrooms
  • Acclimatise the fridge and freezer for 1 day
  • Loosen the drum of your washing machine

After my removal 

  • Unpack everything or ask us to do it for you instead
  • Notify us of possible damage that was not immediately visible
  • Arrange for the empty moving boxes to be collected
  • Pay the invoice to Jan de Jong Movers
  • Register your change of address with your city council

1 month after your removal

Does the unpacking take more time than you had thought, or is it not going according to plan? Does something need to be moved to a different place, or does artwork need to be hanged on the wall?


Please call +31 50 313 91 49 or send an email to info@jandejong.nl. Please fill in our quote form for an estimation of the price.


Download the extensive removal guide as a PDF here. 

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