Family home removal in Groningen

Are you the lucky owners of a new home, but do you not have the time to move house yourselves? Removal company Jan de Jong Verhuizingen would like to help you with familyhome removals and will ensure the move is as quick and carefree as possible.

Our movers will carefully and professionally pack and transport your belongings. They will take your belongings to the destination quickly and put everything in the correct place in your new home. If you, your friends, or family members would like to help with the removal, it is also a possibility. A helping hand is always welcome!


Apart from the removal, we also provide other services such as cleaning, clearing out or styling the new or old home. Look here for a full list of additional services provided by Jan de Jong Verhuizingen.


Family home removals Jan de Jong Verhuizingen

Are you planning on moving soon? Have a look at our extensive removal guide.


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