Student removal

Are you a student, do you have a small budget, and are you planning on moving? Removal company Jan de Jong Verhuizingen likes to assist with student removals in Groningen of Leeuwarden. Whether you are planning to move from the country to the city centre of Groningen or if you are planning on going abroad for an internship, we will make sure your removal goes quickly and without a hitch.

We drive through all of the Netherlands two to three times a week, in order to move students. If you have a small budget, you can opt for the combined removal. This way, we can combine multiple removals into one drive, which will ensure a lower price per person.


If you are going abroad (temporarily) for an internship, we can also ensure everything arrives where it needs to be, quickly and on time. We drive through all of Europe to help students move. Look here for more information on International removals.


Student removals Jan de Jong Verhuizingen

Are you planning on moving soon? Have a look at our extensive removal guide.


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