For an all-round service while moving house, Jan de Jong Verhuizingen also offers handyman services. When moving house, there are often small projects left on the side for which you could use the expertise of our movers. Our handyman can take care of small projects immediately, saving you a  lot of time.

Reassemble and Disassemble services

Our handyman can help you with disassembling and reassembling your furniture and equipment, laying cables, hanging curtain rods or rails, mirrors, artwork, and assembling shelves.


Maintenance and Repairs

The handyman can also be of service with potential repairs of , among other things, walls, floors, and locks. Our handymen are also experts at small repairs such as replacing lights or installing your appliances.


Do you not have a lot of time or opportunities to carry out the maintenance and repairs yourself? This is easily helped with our handyman services. The experts of Jan de Jong Verhuizingen are trained in several areas and can take care of several projects immediately. They will carry out the work per your request, with patience and precision.


Handyman service Jan de Jong Verhuizingen

Are you planning on moving soon? Have a look at our extensive removal guide.


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