Piano removal

A piano removal is a heavy and laborious job. The removal of a piano has to be done carefully because they are very fragile. Therefore, it is best to leave the removal of your piano or grand piano to a professional.

We can help you and give you advice for a well-executed removal of your piano or grand piano. The removal of a piano located on an upper floor is no problem for us. With the help of an external lift and our certified movers, your piano will be moved to your new home safely in no time.


During the removal

The piano will be wrapped carefully and transported with care to avoid damage to the inside or outside. The piano will be put in the rightful place in the new home immediately on arrival. This way, you can use the piano straight away.


Acclimatising after the removal

A piano or grand piano often has to get used to the humidity of the new home. For this reason, the piano will get out of tune after roughly four weeks. We advise for the piano to be tuned after those four weeks so it is acclimatised to its new surroundings.


Piano removal Jan de Jong Verhuizingen

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