Warranty certificates

Jan de Jong Movers is part of the ‘Erkende Verhuizers’ organisation, and has to adhere to the quality standards in the areas of quality, environment, and safety. We are independently surveyed on a regular basis.


The customer also surveys us, with the help of the running reviewsystem of ‘Klantenvertellen.nl’. You can trust in the following warranties. This provides you with the assurance that we, as experts, will do our absolute best to arrange for a reliable removal and that we take your safety, your household effects, and the environment into account.

Warranty certificate EV

The ‘Garantiecertificaat Erkende Verhuizers’ (warranty certificate EV) offers the following warranty for national home removals:

  • Extensive insurance based on new value.
  • A warranted down payment (up to a maximum of 25%/€ 1,000).
  •  Your removal will be carried out even on the off chance your certified EV remover goes bankrupt.
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