Business moving tips

Business moving tips

Having a good schedule helps the moving process run as smoothly as possible. With help of these business moving tips we offer a clear list of the necessary activities for you. 

Consequences for your staff

  • Speak with your staff about the removal in time, let them know what they can expect.


Ask moving company Jan de Jong Verhuizingen

  • Are there any valuable belongings that need to be moved? Ask whether your insurance is sufficient.

Furniture and upholstery

  • Make a list of the furniture in order to create the office layout.
  • In consultation it is possible to code the furniture.
  • Look up and order your furniture on time.
  • Also look up and order the upholstery on time.
  • The carpenting must be done before the moving date.
  • We will make sure the new floor is protected during the removal.

The new location

  • What ammenities do you wish to have at the new location?
  • Make sure that the printers and copy machines are put in a central place.
  • Inform about the layout and phonenumbers on time.
  • Find out whether the sanitary facilities are in good shape.
  • Hand out a clear map of the new premises before the removal.
  • Let everyone know if there are any specific rules.
  • Have clear route signs in and around the new premises.
  • Is there enough space for parking cars or bikes?
  • Clean the new premises on beforehand.
  • How many keys do you need. Make sure you have a clear plan for the keys.


Moving notices

  • Change the address and contact details on both your website and printed matter.
  • Think about whether your corporate identity could use some updating.
  • Have a moving notice designed and add the directions.
  • Update your customers’, supliers’ and relations’ addresses and data.
  • Share your change of address on time.
  • Use for example the business forwarding service from PostNL.
  • Arrange, if necessary, a new post office box and/or return number.
  • Anounce the removal of your company to local media.
  • Inform surrounding companies about the removal and get to know the companies around the new location.

Tidying up and packing

  • Think about what needs to be taken along, what can be disposed or what can be brought to and external storage.
  • Make sure you have arranged clear packing instructions.
  • Packing materials can be handed out early on, so that your staff can start packing up.
  • We can take care of packing for you!
  • Have everything packed up on time and finish off with getting the computers ready to be moved.
  • We can also get your computers ready to be moved for you!
  • Remove all the trash from the former premises.


Moving day

  • Use our moving script and our moving instructions.
  • Make sure there is no one at the premises on the moving day other than the contactperson.
  • Inform the security company about the removal when it takes place at unusual hours.
  • Book enough parking space for the moving van.
  • Finally, shut off the gas, electricity and water and write down the meter reading.
  • Prepare a procedure for unexpected situations.
  • Plan enough time for unpacking.
  • If necessary, make sure any changes for the layout of the new office is guided.


  • Make an up-to-date evacuation plan for the new location.
  • Measures such as (night)security and emergency drills are very important.
  • Think of fire prevention by placing fire extinguishers before the removal.
  • Remove the fire extinguishers from the old premises after the removal.
  • Consult about this with the fire department.


We would be glad to help you with a carefree removal. Call us on 050 – 313 91 49 or send and e-mail to to make an appointment when you have any questions.


Download our Checklist Business Removals to get started right away.

After moving

  • It’s nice to show a photoshoot of the old and new situation in for example the staff magazine or as decoration in the new location.
  • Make your staff happy by giving them furniture, or donate it to a charity.
  • After moving we will go through the assignment with you. Is there anything left to do? Are there any changes in relation to the contract? Is the furniture in the right place and is it clear where the paintings, whiteboards etc. should be hanged?
  • Make sure you’ve done all the final touches before the official opening or an open day.
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