Moving artworks is a craft on it’s own

Jan de Jong Verhuizingen also specialises in packing and transporting special items such as art. Moving artworks is a profession in itself and we are happy to help you with that.

Moving is an art in itself

Naturally, special care is required when moving valuable works of art. An art move requires a special approach: from professionally packing valuable objects to transporting them. Besides, different rules apply to every art relocation.

For this reason, we will also do our part in making sure our materials, vehicles and our workplace is clean. Our trusted movers know exactly what they are doing, thanks to their craftmanship and years of experience.

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Moving Art is often not insured

Unfortunately, the valuable works of art are not insured with us within the regular insurance policy, known as the guarantee certificate. You can use your own (additional) valuables insurance or you may purchase it from us, for we are a Recognized Mover. This insurance includes transport coverage. We can offer you a tailor-made art and valuables certificate. This way you are well insured for damages that may be caused during the move.

In possession of a diploma in Art Handling from Het Verhuiscollege

A number of our movers are specially trained for moving artworks. The Art Handling course is intended for arranging art transports, with a specific focus on the methods and procedures. Our movers can provide special forms of transport for existing and new customers. They provide the right care and focus to make the move go smoothly and safely.

Keypoints during an art move

  • We plan the most convenient and efficient route in advance.
  • We use the best materials to safely package art objects.
  • We tailor the best packing method and specific tools to each location.
  • We can remove hanging art pieces from walls and hang them up in the new location.
  • And above all, we treat all possessions with the utmost care.

Prices for an art move

We look at every project individually and determine the moving costs by mutual agreement. We are happy to visit you for that. We believe it’s important to be able to offer services for everyone's budget. Read more about the structure of our prices and some saving tips for your budget.

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Are you moving soon?

Are you moving soon?

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Are you looking to relocate art?

Do you want paintings, sculptures and/or other valuable (art) pieces to be transported professionally and safely in your home, organization, gallery or museum?

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We carry out art relocations for Forum Groningen and Museum aan de A.

Safely store artworks

Jan de Jong Verhuizingen also makes it possible to collect works of art and store them in one of our storage units. We take the specific conditions under which art must be stored into account at all times. The storage units are monitored 24 hours a day, are moisture-free and very well-conditioned. At the desired time, we move the art objects to their new destination.

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