Earthquake damage

We have CVW-certified experts who would gladly help you with your temporary removal! When you have earthquake damage, the building contractor may request the removal of a particular room or the entire house for the duration of the renovation. Jan de Jong Movers can help you with this.

What can we do for you exactly?

  • Packing up the room(s) needed
  • Disassemble cabinets that are in the way.
  • Store your household effects or removal to a temporary home.
  • Move your household effects back to your own home.
  • Provide a handyman who can install everything for you.


How can I report the earthquake damage?

  • Report your damage on (Dutch Website)
  • Wait for the outcome of the earthquake damage survey and choose the contractor for your renovation.


Look here for our information on earthquake damage.


Earthquake damage Jan de Jong Verhuzingen
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