When can I apply for compensation for my removal?

Sometimes, the decision to move is made for you. For example, when your house is demolished or needs extensive repairs. Or when the landlord ends your rental agreement to comply with a development plan. When you as a tenant have to move, you can get a compensation for your removal.

How much is the compensation for a removal?

The compensation for a removal is meant to compensate the removal costs and the refurbishment costs. The amount of money is changed yearly based on the consumers indexation list. From 16 February 2018 onwards, the minimum amount of money has been raised to € 5.993,-. Have you moved before? Then the legal minimum compensation is as follows:


  • Between 16 February 2018 and 27 February 2019 > € 5.993,-
  • Between 28 February 2017 and 15 February 2018 > € 5.910,-
  • Between 2 March 2016 and 27 February > € 5.892,-
  • Between 28 February 2015 and 1 March 2016 > € 5.857,-
  • Between 1 March 2014 and 27 February 2015 > € 5.799,-
  • Between 1 March 2013 and 1 March 2014 > € 5.658,-


For more recent information about a compensation for removals look here.



Who can apply for a compensation for removal?

Renters of an independent house or trailer with a station who are obligated to move, are legible for a compensation for the removal. The compensation is also valid if you move to a house of a different renter or a privately owned house. A renter of a room in a house can also apply for a compensation. Only, there is no minimum amount for this case because the costs are typically lower. Do you have to move to a temporary house which you are renting based on the ‘Leegstandwet’, while your house is extensively renovated? Then you can apply for a compensation once.


How do I apply for a compensation for removal?

Are you renting from a housing corporation? Then the compensation rules and the amount of money are listed in the conditions and terms. Sometimes the housing corporation will offer to paint the house, refurbish the house, and to arrange the removal. You can accept payment in kind, but you are not obligated to do so. Instead, you can ask for the legal compensation according to the terms and conditions. The local authority can also provide part of the compensation. You will receive the combined compensation from the local authority and the landlord in one go. Are you renting from a private landlord? Then you will need to agree on an amount for the compensation yourselves. This should be fitting to the circumstances. Are you not able to get to an agreement together, a judge will need to give a verdict.


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