How to send a change of address?

Congratulations, you moved house! You want to share this joyful news with your family and friends. Apart from this, you will need to send a change of address to keep receiving your mail. Sending a change of address can be done in many different ways, online as well. Ranging from free online messages to sending a card with your own design!

Cards with a change of address

A cheap solution to send a change of address by mail is to use a post card from PostNL. These are already stamped and offer room to write down both addresses. Downside: the cards are blank and therefor not really festive. And writing down three addresses per card can give you a sore hand pretty fast!


Free online change of address cards

The online change of address cards are quick, easy, and free. You choose a nice card on a website, fill it in, and send it with one click. You can even choose to send a change of address via Whatsapp,or Facebook. The downside of a digital change of address card is that they are easily overlooked. For people who are not comfortable online it is not as suitable as a regular card. Perhaps you can send them a separate card by mail.


Sending a printed change of address card

Who does not like receiving a card through mail? With a printed card you are ensured of attention. The old-fashioned way is to choose a nice card in a store and write it at home, put a stamp on it, and mail it. You can also choose a card in a web shop. You can then choose to address and send them from home or send them online in one go. The last option will save you a lot of work, especially if you have your address book on your computer. You can often upload these in one go. A few of the bigger online websites are:,,,, and .


Designing your own change of address cards

It will be really festive if you design your own change of address cards and have it sent by mail. Most online card shops offer this option. You could use a photograph of your family for the front of the card, show your old and new house, or write your new address. These change of address cards often cost a little more than the standard cards. You can have these cards sent to your house first as well and then post them yourself, or quick and easy through the website.


Last but not least, some realtors offer a service to send a change of address card with a picture of your new house with your new address. No matter which card you choose in the end, we wish you all the best and hope that you will receive a lot of heart-warming visits in your new home!

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