Business Removals

Business removals, also referred to as project removals, asks for a thorough preparation. Prior to the relocation, all wishes and possibilities with regards to the internal porterage or external business relocation will be discussed in detail. Then a specialist team of movers will be composed that will manage and carry out the business relocation from start to finish.

Due to our detailed and extensive preparation of project removals, a relocation can be carried out efficiently, saving time and money. Jan de Jong Verhuizingen optimises the logistic and administrative processes and does so with help of a digitalised inventory. With the help of this innovative method , the procedures, prices, and quality criteria will be mapped out, and as a result, the fee will be lower.


Certificates and accreditation EPV

Jan de Jong Verhuizingen holds ISO-9001-2008, VCA*, and ISO 14001. Jan de Jong Verhuizingen is also in possession of the accreditation EPV. With these certificates and accreditations, a careful and successful project removal can be guaranteed. 


Benefits of certified project removers (EPV):

You may expect the following of us:



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Business removals Jan de Jong Verhuizingen

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