Care home removal

Care home removal

With a care home, it is all about calmness, comfort, and the overall picture. The movers of Jan de Jong Movers do not see a care home removal as just a project, but more as providing a temporary relief of the worries.

Apart of the removal of the effects, we also have to take the residents and the employees of the care home into account. For this reason, several activities ask for a more specific approach when related to care homes than to other removals. 


Efficient Care Home Removals

A removal from a care home asks for a optimal preparation. In advance, all wishes and possible services and options will be discussed and the residents and employees will be informed. This way, the removal can be carried out in a structured manner. The movers of Jan de Jong Movers are trained in communication and other areas, which is beneficial to an efficient care home removal.


Care home removals Jan de Jong Movers

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