Customised home removals, for every budget

Customised home removals, for every budget

Are you moving to your new home? Jan de Jong Movers would be happy to serve you by expertly removing your belongings. As a certified moving company in Groningen we are able to take care of both small and large removals. Every home removal is in good hands with our great removers.


Home removals in Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland

We offer a customised solution for every particular removal in Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland.

Family home

Becoming the happy owner of a new home, but short in time to remove your belongings yourself? We would like to take care of everything in order for you to have a carefree removal and immediately make you feel at home.


Senior housing

The time has come to remove to a senior home. A big change and it often comes with a lot of worries.


International removal

Jan de Jong knows the way everywhere. We drive through all of Europe several times a year. So do wave when we drive by.


Earthquake damage

We have certified experts available and would like to help you with your temporary removal! When you have earthquake damage it is possible that whilst renovating your home the contractor will ask you to clear out the room or the entire house.

Are you going to move any time soon?

Have a look at our comprehensive overview with moving tips. Need more information or do you have any questions? Please fill out our non-binding quotation form.


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Home removals

Our guide for home removals:

As soon as you contact us, we will assess your wishes concerning your move. These are the steps of this process:

  1. We receive your request
  2. We make an appointment
  3. You will receive the quotation
  4. We confirm the removal date
  5. You will receive our preparation tips
  6. We will call you for the final preparations
  7. Your removal day!


Removal costs

We often get questions about the costs of a removal. We look at each project as a customised project and decide on the removal costs by mutual agreement. We find it very important to be able to offer services for every kind of budget. Read more about the structure of our costs and a few tips to save money.


Jan de Jong Movers works with GoudGoed Textiel to collect used textiles. Reusing textiles helps reducing trash. The textile needs to be collected separately in order for it to be usable. The red bags make it easy to achieve this. Jan de Jong Movers will deliver these red bags, along with the moving boxes, prior to your removal. We will take the filled bags during the removal and bring them to GoudGoed. You will not have any worries about it.


(Un)packing services

(Un)packing your belongings is a time consuming job. Jan de Jong Movers would like to pack your belongings for you and make sure they will also be unpacked in the right place in your new home.


Would you like to know more about this?

Ask one of our employees through or +31(0)50 – 313 91 94.

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