Temporary storage, furniture logistics & StadLogistiek (City logistics)

Temporary storage, furniture logistics & StadLogistiek (City logistics)

We are active in both home and business logistics. In other words, Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). At our hub in Groningen we have possibilities to receive your shipment and bring it to you (in parts). We call this StadLogistiek. This is the Dutch brandname, it means city logistics. We are also specialised in furniture logistics.

Furniture logistics

A large project with a lot of furniture, for example when redecorating a new office, restaurant or hotel? Jan de Jong Movers works according the TIM principle. TIM stands for Transport, Inhuizen (moving the furniture inside the premises) and Monteren (assembling). We take all disciplines into our account and can even vacuum the premises.

Temporary storage

One can think of temporary storage when for example the new kitchen cannot be delivered yet, or when you made a good deal for something you do not yet have the space for. Also, sometimes it is just convenient to store something in the hub.

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Logistics Jan de Jong Movers

At our hub we collect and check all of the deliveries. Then we leave, after consulting the recipient, for our last destination. We can also help unpacking, assembling and decorating. Examples of furniture logistics can be:


  • Fares and conferences.
  • Kitchens for newly built house projects and holiday parks.
  • Office furniture, delivered in several parts.
  • Seasonal storage of catering industry furniture.


External warehouse

You can also use our hub as an external warehouse. We receive and check the goods and inform you that they have arrived. You can come and pick up your own goods between 7am and 5pm.

Advantages for you

  • You have no worries and you can come by at a time that fits you best.
  • We can always deliver, or have one of our partners (for example GO Fast) to deliver, larger shipments.


Accurate delivery

Obviously we will come to you at a time of your desire. Our schedulers will take care of good communication with the drivers and you. Through our tracking system we know when and who is on its way to you.

Logistics Jan de Jong Movers

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