Moving tips

I am moving house, what do I need to take care of? This is a question we often hear. To help you organise your removal we have an extensive removal guide. In this guide, you can find all kinds of moving tips. These tips are divided into a timeframe in which you should arrange these tips.


You can also download the guide as a PDF


Below you can find a few general tips for your removal:

  • Plan a meeting with Jan de Jong to get a quote
  • Ask your employer about a removal compensation
  • Terminate your lease for your old rental place
  • Removal of your phone/internet and TV
  • Inform the school of your children
  • Make arrangements with the new owners of your old house
  • Make arrangements with the old owners of your new house
  • Request for removal leave with your employer or human resources
  • Take measurements of the new house
  • Terminate the contract of your help
  • Arrange for the PostNL removal services
  • Start cleaning and ordering your house
  • Ask for information of schools, public transport, city council ordinances
  • Register your children at their new school


Look for the extensive removal guide here.

Why Jan de Jong Movers?

Jan de Jong Movers is an organisation with a long history within the removal branch. The family character and client-based attitude made sure that this organisation has grown into a skilled and reliable company.


It is not just the owners but the staff as well that work with passion every day to keep up the good name.

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