Moving tips

I am moving house, what do I need to take care of? This is a question we often hear. To help you organise your home or business removal we offer 2 guides. In this guides, you can find all kinds of moving tips. These tips are divided into a timeframe in which you should arrange these tips.


Home moving tips

Business moving tips


Below you can find a few general tips for your removal:

  • Plan a meeting with Jan de Jong to get a quote.
  • Ask your employer about a removal compensation.
  • Terminate your lease for your old rental place.
  • Removal of your phone/internet and TV.
  • Inform the school of your children.
  • Make arrangements with the new owners of your old house.
  • Make arrangements with the old owners of your new house.
  • Request for removal leave with your employer or human resources.
  • Take measurements of the new house.
  • Terminate the contract of your help.
  • Arrange for the PostNL removal services.
  • Start cleaning and ordering your house.
  • Ask for information of schools, public transport, city council ordinances.
  • Register your children at their new school.

Why Jan de Jong Movers?

Jan de Jong Movers is an organisation with a long history within the moving

branch. The family character and client-based attitude made sure that this organisation has grown into a skilled and reliable company.


It is not just the owners but the staff as well that work with passion every day to keep up the good name.

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